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Discovery Workshop – from £1,500

  • The CRM Discovery Workshop takes a more in-depth look at your business
  • We help you map your customer journeys and business processes
  • We facilitate an exercise to scope the effort involved so you can budget more accurately
  • At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive a document that acts as a blueprint for your CRM implementation project
  • For a small investment upfront, you can minimise the chance of nasty surprises later on in the CRM initiative

What are the Benefits of a

Discovery Workshop ?

crm discovery session crm insights.
  • The output of the workshop is a document that captures the high-level essence of the discussion. We refer to this document as a blueprint for your CRM Implementation. It captures, in a structured manner, the most important elements of your CRM implementation.
  • We have the knowledge to alert you to the fact that a particular requirement may be complex – for instance, integration with an accounts system – and therefore might take substantial effort to implement.
  • With your input, we facilitate a session where we evaluate the relative complexity versus the business impact, which results in an easy-to-read graph that highlights the minimum viable phase or MVP.
  • Without this level of due diligence, you may start an implementation without a clear idea of phasing or priority, which may result in:
    • Project cost overrun
    • Project time overrun
    • Abandoning the project

Finally, with a blueprint for implementation you will have the scope, priorities and phases defined for a modest budget, giving your CRM implementation the best chance of success.


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