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Workbooks CRM is a versatile Customer Relationship Management solution.

It’s easy to use and can significantly improve your business processes, workflows and the quality of your data, thus increasing your overall productivity and saving you time and money.

To ensure your Workbooks CRM solution is adopted successfully by your entire workforce, we work with you from the beginning to reduce disruption and demonstrate the true value CRM provides.

Workbooks CRM Implementation Process

A well thought out implementation process is critical for a CRM solution to be deployed successfully. Therefore, each of the following steps are as vital as the next…

Having decided Workbooks CRM is for you, we go through a thorough planning phase. We work with you to fully understand your business and your current processes, providing recommendations for new ones where relevant. We then create a detailed plan of how we will implement the software successfully with minimal disruption to your business.

Each business is different, with different processes, workflows and use of terminology. As such, we ensure your Workbooks CRM solution reflects this, which in turn increases user adoption and productivity. Removing the need for work-arounds you may have had to use in the past.

As part of the implementation process we install and configure Workbooks CRM to the specifications we created during the planning and design phases. We then import your existing data or migrate it from you previous system and carry out testing before you go live with your new Workbooks CRM solution.

Investing in training significantly mitigates the risks and costs associated with a CRM implementation. Workbooks CRM is incredibly user friendly, however we recommend training as part of our implementation process to encourage user adoption and to ensure you’re able to maximise the benefits of utilising the solution fully. What’s more, we create a training agenda tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum benefits.

We aim to create long lasting relationships with all of our customers. Not only do we provide technical support, but a range of business services that support you as you transition from one system to another.


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