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  • Workbooks CRM is an incredibly intuitive CRM software solution.
  • It is extremely easy to use, and is ideal for SME businesses who want to grow without unduly burdening their staff with complicated IT systems.
  • It integrates with a wide variety of 3rd party software solutions allowing you to maintain your CRM solution as a central business hub providing a complete view of your business.

Workbooks CRM is up to 70% cheaper than Salesforce!

How can Workbooks CRM help you?

Workbooks CRM helps you manage your business activities and evaluate your strategies effectiveness enabling you to acquire, convert and retain more customers. With Workbooks CRM, you can:

  • Get a single view of your business
  • Streamline workflow processes
  • Utilise marketing automation
  • Benefit from intelligent reporting capabilities
  • Enables automation of end-to-end business processes
  • Scalable and flexible solution
  • Access real-time data anytime, anywhere from any device with a browser

Workbooks CRM for Marketing

Execute effective marketing campaigns to generate more leads and utilise intelligent reporting capabilities to measure ROI. Workbooks takes you all the way through from lead capture through to marketing automation and data analytics.

Key Features:

Gather business intelligence on your target market to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Record and manage all your contacts and discover effective means of exceeding their needs and expectations.

Create tasks that can be associated with specific marketing campaigns to ensure campaigns are delivered on time.

Easily segment your data to create targeted email marketing campaigns and track performance.

Segment data and deliver targeted messages, track progress and monitor performance to decipher ROI.

Organise and promote events, collect the details of delegates who register and automate follow up email activity.

Adapt marketing strategies according to those likely to make a purchase and distribute leads to relevant staff.

Turn anonymous traffic into sales and understand how visitors use your website by capturing website data.

Utilise intelligent reporting capabilities to identify your most profitable lead channels and track the ROI of your leads by source or campaign.

Create forms to capture leads from your website and assign them to a marketing campaign.

Access real-time data and utilise dashboards and reports to monitor the health of your business.

Keep on top of your marketing budget by keeping records of purchase orders and expenditures.

Workbooks CRM for Sales

With Workbooks CRM you can significantly improve your sales conversion rate by tracking opportunities, effectively managing your sales pipeline and assessing the performance of staff.

Key Features:

Record all information from each interaction with a prospect to target them more effectively in the future.

See where each opportunity is within the sales cycle, along with their proposed close date.

Generate reports and access insights to increase conversion.

Build professional looking PDFs or email quotations in minutes.

Gain real time forecast information to determine how likely your team are to hit target and to identify areas for improvement.

Follow the sales process through to order processing and invoicing by turning quotes into orders in a single click.

Workbooks CRM for Customer Service

With access to all customer and prospect information from one central business solution your team can highlight customers due for renewal, upgrades or other annual services.

Key Features:

Record all communications with customers and monitor their buying patterns to anticipate their needs and provide outstanding service.

Track and manage all support queries and automatically create support tickets.

Automatically notify Account Managers when contracts are due for renewal.

Generate reports that monitor support response rates, customer renewal rates and insights into KPIs to highlight areas for improvement.

Clearly define SLAs and measure performance against targets, allowing you to take proactive action, where necessary.

Record and assess common problems and solutions to create a knowledge base of answers to common questions.

Awards and certifications:

Workbooks has been rated #1 CRM for customer satisfaction consecutively in the last 2 the independent CRM G2 Crowd analysis. Workbooks rated industry highest in 83% of categories in one report.

Workbooks won CRM Wars in May 2014 ahead of 31 other CRM vendors as voted by customers.

Workbooks won Best Sales & Marketing Automation Solution in UP2014 cloud awards.

Workbooks came out best in 3 of 4 categories in the 2014 Gleansight Analyst report on CRM: Ease of Use, Ease of Deployment and Overall Value. In Ease of Use Workbooks came out leading all vendors by over 13% over the nearest competitor.

Workbooks won a TMC Cloud Computing Excellence Award in both 2014 & 2013, being the only CRM listed.

Workbooks won a TMC 2014 Cloud Computing Product of the Year award, the only CRM listed.

Workbooks has been certified in all of the 5 releases of the G-Cloud government certification program.

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