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We offer a wide range of services to ensure you’re able to maximise the benefits your CRM solution. Each of our services can complement the ongoing growth and development of your business.

CRM Consultancy

Email Marketing

Data Analysis

Before you make life-changing decisions about CRM, get an overview of what sort of products will fit your business, and what the likely pitfalls are. It’s FREE, so you have nothing to lose – get in touch today. Alternatively, find out more about our consultancy services here.

Before making the decision to implement a CRM solution within your business, we recommend attending one of our workshops, where we’ll help you understand the critical success factors, how to create a minimum viable phase and much more.

Discover our range of workshops here.

To ensure your CRM solution is adopted successfully, we provide a range of training options. Make sure your employees are not only confident when using the CRM System, but that they also enter information in the correct way.

For more information, get in touch.

For unforeseen events, software updates or if you need to configure your CRM for new products, services or processes, help is available. All CRM Insights customers have access to our support when they need it, via telephone, email, through site visits and additional training courses.


Want to know more? Book a demo today – Call us 01733 902 340 or email us at Alternatively fill out our online contact form.

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