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Data Analysis

Data is your business’ most valuable asset.

Therefore, it’s vital for you to maintain the quality of your data in order to obtain valuable insights into your business and create informed strategies.

Data analysis is a process of obtaining raw data and converting it into useful information that enables you to better understand your customers.

Often the simplest of data sets can unlock genuine customer understanding on key areas influencing strategy – be it profit and sales, customer transaction behaviour or measuring performance and ROI of marketing campaigns.

At CRM Insights, we have experienced analysts that can work with your data to deliver new business intelligence. Our approach depends on what data you hold, but typically includes the following:

To begin this process, we must first collect data from all of your current data sources. At this stage, we may also obtain information from you via interviews and other third party systems you use.

Once we’ve collected your data in its raw form it must be processed and organised to be analysed for us to obtain intelligence or knowledge from it. This requires placing the data within a structured format, which will allow us to utilise strategic systems to intelligently interpret your data.

When the data has been processed we can begin cleansing and enhancing the data, which includes de-duplication, normalisation, PAF (Postal Address File) validation as well as forwarding addresses, suppression and demographic profiling.

Once your data has been cleansed it can be analysed further. We use a variety of methods to understand the messages held within the data. We use statistics, along with visual reports and graphs to examine the data further and identify trends. We analyse both prospect and customer data, marketing campaign data, sales and opportunity data, along with customer service and support data.

Once we’re able identify who your customers are, where they’re based, what they buy and how they go from lead to customer in detail we can create a process for you and your staff to follow to enhance the activities you’re doing. We will also work with you to identify areas for improvement.
We will explain and train you on the importance of data segmentation and how to target prospects and customers with relevant messaging to create informed strategies. Our analysts can also help you create processes for data collection and identify the sources that supply the most valuable data.


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