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Use Mobile, Desktop, Deskphone or all 3

The versatility of the hosted telephone system allows you to choose the type of phone you would like to use.

Calls can be made using a mobile app, on either Apple or Android smart phones and tablets, or a desktop computer app on Apple or Microsoft computers.

Desk and conference phones may be preferred where ultra reliable, high definition, call quality is required.

High Definition Desk Phones

High definition desk phones provide exceptional call quality. With multiple speed dial buttons surrounding the screen and busy lamp feature (BLF) you can see if colleagues are on the phone or contact individuals with a single key press.

Touch Screen Desk Phones

The touch screen desk phones available also provide high definition call quality. Memory key numbers for BLF, speed dial and other call options are increased. These top of the range phones also add USB options such as cameras and WiFi dongles.

In addition to the Yealink T4 series of phones we also offer the T5 series which come with inbuilt Wireless (WiFi) functionality.

Conference Phones

For meeting rooms of any size conference phones are a great way to get everyone involved in the telephone conversation. For larger rooms extra speakers can be added allowing attendees at the periphery of the meeting room to hear the conversation properly, and to be heard clearly when they speak.

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Desktop & Mobile Apps

Our softphone is available via the Web, to use on your laptop / desktop/ and also via IOS and Android for your mobile device.

With the desktop and mobile apps you don’t need to feel tied to an office based desk. You can pick up the phone wherever you are, (beach, while travelling, etc)  provided that you are using our apps.

IOS and Android Usage

  • You can easily manage your account from your mobile. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play platform.
  • Fully featured desktop style version that is now available on mobile apps.
  • Receive all your business calls directly and seamlessly from your mobile phone.
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DECT Phones

All DECT or Walkabout Phone products connect one or more handsets to a radio base station. Multiple subscriptions can be associated with each base unit allowing more than one call to be made concurrently when using two or more handsets. We support the latest Yealink DECT base units which include the W53P and the W80B. The W80 is an IP Multi-Cell base which will work with others to create a meshed network allowing phones to roam from base to base whilst maintaining active calls.

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Request a Free Business Telecoms Audit. Provides you with an audit of your current business phone system, actions you need to take and the costs involved. What to do to upgrade and start benefiting from the latest technology

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Telephony with Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications (UC) application that comes as an add-on to Office 365. This allows users to message their connections, create voice and video conferences, and make telephone calls to people they have in their Teams Contacts List.

How can a High Quality Telephone Service be built for Microsoft Teams?

Making calls to external numbers, people outside of your business, can prove to be expensive without understanding what options are available. This is where a local, reliable, and specialist telecoms provider can help because their knowledge of the industry will ensure you are provided with the best advice.

By partnering with Peterborough Telecom your Microsoft Teams deployment can be integrated with a High Quality Telephone Service package, offering these benefits:

  • No need to pre-pay for calls, with great inclusive minutes packages
  • Call anywhere, anytime, with great VoIP calling rates
  • Flexible number presentation
  • Advanced call barring
  • Enhanced Features, such as Call Logging, Fax to Email and Call Recording
  • Fraud Prevention

Find Out More About Telephony with Microsoft Teams

We will help by assessing what your telephone system looks like today.

What type of contract your business is in and how you can add High Quality Telephone Calls to your Microsoft Teams installation.

Just provide us with a few details today and we’ll get in touch with you:

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Business Phone System Considerations

Fully Managed v Hybrid

Your choice is between hybrid systems or Fully Managed Business Phone Systems. These use the Voice over IP (VoIP) or Voice over Broadband (VoB) technology. Working with Stamford Telephone gives you complete control and over your telephone system and enables extra features to be added near instantly.

We provide remote management at no extra charge giving you a totally flexible system and because of this it will respond to your changing needs.

Fixed Per User, Per Month Price

Above all you will get a fixed, per user, per month price which includes free remote maintenance.

As a result you will always know what your business telephone system charges will be throughout the contract term.

A single bill is sent to your business each month, which is simple to read

Retain Your Existing Numbers

Your company can retain its existing numbers and add new ones as required. Adding new users and sites is simple and quick to accommodate.

Changes take place without disruption with business continuity and fraud control built into the system to protect your business.

Remote users, using mobile devices, which includes mobiles and laptops, can also be integrated. Meaning your staff can always stay in touch wherever they are located.

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