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The ISDN switch off is raising lots of questions for businesses about their communications.

We have captured the most common questions and answers below.

Don’t struggle with the ISDN switch off – it will impact your business

There is no reason or benefit to delay taking action

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The withdrawal of PSTN copper services has a deadline of December 2025, which means any services after this date will cease. It is imperative that you prepare your business now.

As part of the FTTP exchange upgrade programme, any premises enabled for FTTP should have migrated to an FTTP solution; this also includes any premises connected to SOGEA.

Mildenhall will migrate all WLR & MPF lines to fibre alternatives inside the fibre footprint and WLR lines to SOTAP or alternative products outside of the fibre footprint. (MPF and SOTAP will be available in a fibre area if there is no spare fibre capacity).

In some circumstances, where the customers are not in an exchange area impacted by the FTTP Exchange Upgrade stop sell, they can migrate to LLU MPF (only where there is no FTTP availability).

We understand and appreciate that not all customers are the same in terms of their usage. For example, a business may only rely on processing transactions payments on a line and does not require IP Voice or broadband for business applications. In these circumstances, a low bandwidth package is available (0.5 mbps).

The 2025 WLR Withdrawal date is not something that can be pushed back, this was defined as a necessity due to the BT group PSTN network infrastructure reaching its end of life. This also means it is crucial that the other key dates leading up to the 2025 withdrawal date also do not get pushed back. This will continue to be monitored as per updates directly from Openreach and OFCOM.

Yes. Your ATA will convert your analogue signals to digital IP Voice. To use the service you must have an IP Voice product over the top of your new Single order Broadband to transmit calls.

SOGEA and FTTP orders will need to have a voice order placed alongside the migration order. These do not work like the current SIM2 orders so an OTT (over the top) voice order will need to be raised to run parallel with a significant amount of notice, (e.g. 15 days) in order for the number to port over to the IP Voice service.

It is imperative that the vendor of these devices confirms whether they are IP compatible or not. If they are not, you will need to source new devices that are IP Compatible, as these devices will cease to work when moving to a Single Order Product.

Yes you will be able to order these functions until the stop-sell dates, however we would encourage that you arrange to migrate over to FTTP solutions with an OTT voice solution to be prepared and ready for the PSTN Switch off.

There is no option to opt out of the FTTP trail exchanges. If you have a working WLR or MPF asset in one of the exchanges, you will be impacted by the stop sell principles and rules. The existing bases will be migrated onto an all IP Solution/alternative product by the end of the trails in December 2022.

Stop sell will only apply where the premises has access to an FTTP product. If you do not have access, you will be able to buy other products such as MPF, FTTC, and SOGEA where available.

Yes. Openreach have confirmed that this will most likely become a continual advancement as more and more FTTP is enabled and are expected to release these details on a quarterly basis.

The PSTN supports a number of Openreach products: WLR3 analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30, LLU SMPF, SLU SMPF, Narrowband Line Share and Classic products. These products are generically referred to, as part of the industry programme, as WLR products. When the analogue network closes in 2025, these products will no longer be available.

You can migrate to a single order broadband product. The voice service will stop working and effectively becomes redundant in this instance. Voice service is an optional add-on to your broadband service.

You can keep your phone number if you inform us of this when you place your migration order. You will need to take out an OTT IP Voice service (to run parallel with your Single Order Broadband product) and indicate that you wish to port the number onto the new IP Voice service, otherwise you will lose the number once the service migrates away from the existing WLR or MPF Service.

Yes, if you are already on an FTTC Enabled router then it will be compatible as SOGEA is built upon the foundations of FTTC.

ATA stands for Analogue Telephone Adaptor. They allow you to utilise old hardware equipment.

A 15 working day lead-time to ensure that any OTT orders that are required can be matched to run parallel to each other. Openreach have suggested a minimum of 10 working days; please always consider porting timescales if you need an OTT IP Voice service.

Openreach will recognise the WLR provider as the existing communications provider, but the broadband providers
can move the customer if required.

FTTP: Fastest and most resilient ALL Fibre Product speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
SOGFAST: Delivering Ultrafast in a single order, speeds of up to 330 Mbps
SOGEA: Delivering Superfast in a single order, speeds of up to 80 Mbps
SOTAP: Supporting non-fibre areas, speeds of up to 17 Mbps

The withdrawal of PSTN copper services are happening now, which means any services after this date will cease. It is imperative that you prepare your business now.

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