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Opportunity for Telecoms provider change and improvement

Moving to New Serviced Offices – Max Accountants had decided to move to new premises and sought a change in their telecommunications supplier having had a number of issues with their incumbent provider.

They recognised how powerful Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions can be and wanted to maintain the flexibility of this type of system. Not sure that they were getting the most from the features available they came to Peterborough Telecom for:

  • A fully managed telephone system
  • Training in the use of the system and advice on how best to use the features to fulfil their requirements
  • Inbound call handling that rings all phones at once
  • The ability to introduce reception services when required
  • Company voicemail
  • Voicemail to email notification service
  • Porting of the main business number in to the new system
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The new telephone system was first installed in the old office location. Peterborough Telecom helped the customer to work through some internal cabling issues and also identified that SIP ALG was enabled on their broadband router. This feature was disabled to ensure that the new managed hosted telephone service worked correctly and reliably.

During the porting process, all calls to Max Accountants main number were forwarded to the new telephone service. Porting completed prior to the office move and this helped make the move itself very simple. All calls were diverted to a nominated mobile number during the few hours it took to unplug the phones from the old site and plug them in at the new office. The customer was able to move themselves without needing to ask for support; showing just how easy using VoIP telephony can be.

Since the move scheduling services have been introduced to automate the routing of calls to a reception service during holiday periods; typically during Easter, summer and Christmas holiday periods. A service that can be set up the same day.

Moving to a new serviced office was the opportunity we were looking for to change our telecommunications provider. We asked Peterborough Telecom to supply a new telephone service and to provide Max Accountants with an in office WiFi solution. We never lost a call during our move, a big benefit of the VoIP service we bought. Peterborough Telecom took great care in ensuring our inbound calls were routed just how we needed them to be. We highly recommend them to other businesses

David Wouldham, Director

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