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Our Unique Telephone Call Handling Review Process Ensures Right First Time Installation

  • We sit down with you to conduct a detailed analysis of what you want to happen when an incoming call arrives
  • We go through all the various call handling scenarios so that the most efficient call handling can be achieved
    • For example what happens if Office 1 shut but Office 2 open
    • Establishing clear hierarchy for call handling
  • This telephone usage audit allows all configuration to be accurately implemented
  • The audit allows us to recommend the most effective equipment for each member of the team to manage their calls. Its important to note that all features available on a desk phone are available on a smartphone, tablet or computer via the app

Clear & Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs – No Long Term Contracts

The cost for VOIP Telecom per user

  • £30 set up fee
  • £16 per month
    • Includes all Costs
  • From £75 for Telephone purchase, and Conference Phones from £335 (if required)
  • FREE remote maintenance (covers 96% of issues)
  • £30 to add / change a new member of staff
  • If significant changes are required to configuration this will be incorporated within a new Telephone Call Handling Review Process and the cost will be identified before the review

Business Phones From £75 to £210, Conference Phones from £335

DECT Phones

Yealink-W53P Peterborough Telecom

High Definition Desk Phones

Home Peterborough Telecom Yealink-T46U

Touch Screen Desk Phones

business telecoms About Yealink-T57W- Business Phone Systems Peterborough telecom

Conference Phones

why us Peterborough Telecom #1 Business Phone ProviderYealink-CP920

Find out why Cambridgeshire businesses love a contract free, telecom system provided by a specialist telecom provider

Helping you through your telecom transition journey – Why Us

When migrating to All-IP there are many routes available. Are you ready to take the leap from ADSL to FTTP and PSTN to VoIP? Or would you prefer to take smaller steps towards the future of communications?

Peterborough Telecom will support you on your journey no matter which route you choose.


Broadband Technology has come along way in the past thirty years, from the dreaded dial up tone to speeds of 1Gbps, that we could never have dreamed of in the 1990’s

Whether you are still utilising ADSL or have taken the first step to fibre with FTTC, you can take the next step to digital transformation with SOGEA and FTTP. If FTTP is available to you, it should always be the number one option!


When starting the journey from landline to VoIP, there are options to suit every business. If you’re locked into a long contract on your existing solution or perhaps you just aren’t ready to take the plunge. You can take multiple steps to All-IP, with with SIP trunking or Hosted SIP services helping you get a feel for the future of voice before migrating to a fully hosted solution.

Alternatively, if you’re excited to embrace the future, its easy to jump from legacy telephony to IP voice, migrating all your voice services into the cloud while retaining all your existing phone numbers.

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