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The PSTN / ISDN Great Switch Off

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Cloud-hosted and VOIP Phone Systems

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Business Telecoms – Peterborough Telecom Core Values

Superior customer service is at the heart of what we do.

  • To deliver business telecoms on this promise we focus solely on our core business of Business Only IP Telephony and access products which include SoGEA and FTTP Broadband and Leased Lines.
  • We aim for 100% Right First Time Installation of quality products and services which means ongoing support time is minimal benefiting your operation.
  • Prompt courteous response is our standard offer for all.

Contract Flexibility

  • At the core of our service is contract flexibility which allows our customers to add or reduce users as you choose not dictated by a contract.
  • Leasing of business telecoms is inflexible and very expensive, so we don’t offer this
  • We think about a businesses current and future requirements. So the services we provide can easily be upgraded without huge extra costs being incurred.

Transparent, Clear & Simple

  • Billing for business telephone systems can be complex, over powering and provided in a way that makes tracking and auditing a time consuming nightmare
  • Our customers receive clear simple and understandable monthly bills. The quote we provide mirrors the bill you receive so billing is clear, simple and transparent

Working towards a greener future

  • At Peterborough Telecom we take our Environmental Credentials seriously and our processes are electronic throughout, generating no paper and no waste.
  • Our services are cloud based, minimising the amount of hardware required.
  • For transportation all staff drive either fully electric or PHEV cars.

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Peterborough Telecom

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